To trigger the Digital Transformation and achieve the goals of modern architectural patterns and scalability, it’s necessary to replace heavyweight platforms with lightweight application infrastructure, that allows customers to adopt polyglot solutions to make the most of Digital Business.

We analyze the customer’s legacy applications to identify where action can be taken by adopting Mini and Micro Services.

Involving the client, as owner of the context, is essential to find the best way to remove existing structure impediments, create new applications and optimize software-oriented architectures through different modes: Rehost – Refactor – Rearchitect – Rebuild – Replace.

We find flexible and scale solutions whether you need to rehost and repackage apps to run in modern, hybrid or to rearchitect apps to take advantage of new technologies and approach, like containers and microservices.

Often the project includes, as a starting point,  Workshops to introduce the business and IT teams to Agile principles, have a common dictionary and prepare them for change. We give the customer a Bok (Book of Knowledge) in which we specify the Best Practices that will be the basis for any future development.

In some cases, we organize LAB to create small prototypes of legacy application parts migrated to Modern Application Development. In others we directly analyze the customer’s applications and propose a roadmap to get CloudReady applications.