Digital Transformation is a complex and constantly changing process that involves the entire company: people, processes and information.

We plan and deploy innovative software architecture patterns to modernize Software lifecycle, enhancing Innovation on methodology, architectural and infrastructural level.

To reduce the complexity of legacy modernization, we create projects which replace:

  • Legacy methodologies with Agile, DevOps and Scrum ones and CI/CD practices so that every single element can be tested and deployed independently.
  • Monolithic Architectures with Microservices and Event Driven Architectures and CQRS pattern (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) to have services linked to the single functionality and free from language
  • Monolithic Hardware with Cloud Infrastructure to easily adopting IaaS PaaS CaaS FaaS models to respond quickly to market changes, accelerate change and bring innovation, whilst optimizing costs.

Our heterogeneous teams, with transversal skills and highly qualified expertise, move quickly and creatively to gain agility, scalability, capacity and reduce time to market.