IT operations run your business!

Whilst your business evolves, scales and accelerates, your IT infrastructure and architecture grow in complexity (products, Cloud, Microservices) and IT operations have to move to the next level.

Next Generation Managed Services automate for scaling, manage the Innovation, simplify complexity, serve the business and enable the developers to succeed.


Competence Centre 24×7

We can take charge of your hybrid, evolving IT Operations helping you to automate and run your business.

IT Operations has always been one of SORINT passions. An agile and international approach support rapid deployment of cutting-edge technologies to always deliver state-of-the-art services.

Our 24×7 Competence Centre remotely manages your IT operations by reducing the reaction time to challenges and problems and guaranteeing the correct functionality and support for all innovative processes triggered for many vendor and open source products.

130+ qualified people, the SRE and DevOps Teams provide Application Management services, performs remote project activities and offers tests for Cloud environments and automation activities based on well-established methodologies and Sorint best practices.


To manage the complexity of hybrid infrastructure and accelerate the innovation you need to automate and increase the IT operations’ agility and scalability. Our DevOps and SRE teams implement Continuous Pro-Active Monitoring tools to improve performance and operational efficiency and flexibility and to monitor and test Private and Public Cloud environment.


24×7 support (advisory and break-fix) of production-grade OSS deployment, based on Sorint reference architecture and best practices.

Advisory support for integrated technologies (logging, monitoring, etc.), hot fixes and custom builds (when necessary), with best effort to merge upstream.


The continuous management of IT environment enables us to gradually and steadily amend infrastructures, services and processes.

Thanks to this method we can anticipate issues capable of downgrading service quality in the interests of infrastructure efficiency, security and reliability improvement, as well as cost reduction. We specialize in IT Operations Analytics for predictive maintenance.


The rapid evolution and the great changes of this time require teams able to be multi-role and multi-disciplinary. Over 130 people are constantly updated and attend to continuous training programs to ensure high standards of competence and specialization in every area.

We can be an extension of your team covering any skills that you lack and to ensure support to automate and simplify complexity of IT operations.