Lack of digital skills is the number one barrier that organizations face for digital transformation.

Driving the change of digitalization with regard to skills and talent must be a strategic priority and treated as business.

The goal must be to create an organization that self-evolves through continuous transformation, where skilled teams work together quickly and ensure scalability and capacity to meet the business needs.

Your Digital Transformation is about people, team working culture and skills.

Academia, our Training team, can help your teams to bridge their digital skills gap, cope with the technological diversity and deliver optimal results.

Our teachers, thanks to their direct experience in the design and management of complex projects, develop courses targeted on individual needs to provide the skills and tools necessary for the strategic Business goals.

Digital Transformation has increase the training needs. Organizations always need to be updated on technologies and tools, but now they also need to introduce new methodologies that involve a radical change in both the corporate culture and the skills reorganization.

Academia team supports all the steps for a digital transition: the introduction of new concepts and methodologies, the deepening of new technologies and products, the development of new skills, the support to setup new business projects, the creation and coordination of working teams.


Digital Transformation requires changes in methodology, architecture and infrastructure. Our workshops train people to DevOps culture and Agile principles. The first objective is to create a true digital culture and a link between Business and IT, to facilitate a deep understanding of the digital imperatives. We help operations and development teams to collaborate by talking about SRE, Full Stack development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Our orienteering sessions offer a complete overview of emerging technologies and platforms and allow you to be better equipped to evaluate new business models.


We design training paths customizable by subject and level to the strategic objectives of the customer. Our experienced and qualified teachers combine deep technical and product knowledge with direct experiences in development and management of complex projects.

DevOps courses and workshops | Traditional IT courses | Soft-skills courses | Vendors courses | Hands-on sessions | Real-word content | Flexible training options (live classroom, virtual, video, online, on-site).

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The digital skills gap is a serious challenge for business today. Organizations need to understand which digital skills need to be developed among their existing people. We map your skills and support you by filling roles with a digital focus and replacing traditional roles with modern ones. We combine the skills assessment with the development of targeted training courses to bridge technical and soft skills gaps and create new teams with digital skills.


We develop team training experiences to support teams in the start-up of new internal projects focused on team working and agile methodology. Our dedicated tutors collaborate with the team to set up a plan to implement new methods and create collaboration tools (Slack, Kanban, Wiki, blog,…). After the start up with the onsite tutor presence, we coordinate the team’s activities with periodic stand up meetings to check teams progress and support them to resolve the difficulties encountered and schedule the next steps.